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Real Food for our Firefighting Heroes

My name is Meredith Miller Elliott, and I am chef based in Petaluma, California.  When the fires began in October, in Napa/Sonoma, I began feeding as many first responders as I could, up to 3000 meals and hot sandwiches on some days, with a small team of volunteers, support from local farmers, and financial support from good Samartains.  Often times, the firefighters are existing on box lunches, sugar, and MREs as they work crazy hours, for 20 days at a time.  I thought they should be fed proper meals, given hugs and friendship; we always spent time with them, to get to know them, and to make them smile as a small way to show our appreciation.  

Now, as the official chef for Go Fund a Hero, I am looking for assistance to feed these men and women as the fires continue to burn.  Around the helibases, and in much of CalFire, I am known as the Sandwich Angel, and I want to keep taking care of all of these incredible humans, with your help.; fellow angels.

As fires continue to rage around California, as does the need to assist.  The plan is to begin feeding dinner, and then add lunch to the 100 helicopter pilots and crews based in Santa Ynez, and then build from there to other locations, based on need.  I would love to start this on Christmas Eve, if possible!  These pilots and crews have been there for over 20 days, and will be away from their families at Christmas, with no end in sight.  The least we can do is to make sure that hot, delicious, nourishing mealtime is something that they can look forward to every day.  Any other bases, or camps that I can feed, I will absolutely do my best to do so, as long as I have funds, chef partners, and volunteers to assist me. 

All funds donated to this fundraiser will continue to feed the firefighters around California, Southern California for now, as we partner with chef friends around the state to support these amazing men and women that put themselves in harms way to save our lives, our animals, and our property.  Looking ahead, any funds remaining in the fund after the needs are met, will be utilized for future efforts in the next fire season. Any questions or donation opportunities, please message me directly through the fundraiser. 

This is a direct way that you can show gratitude, and fill the hearts and bellies of these incredible heroes.  Christmas spirit all year round! 

Thank you so much for your support.  There are so many angels among us.

Sending Love and Light and Gratitude to all of you,
Meredith and Crew

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Real Food for our Firefighting Heroes
$1,050   Raised of $20,000 Goal
Raised by 2 Funders
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Meredith Elliott
Petaluma, California
Created 12/23/2017 12:00:00 AM
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